About Us

The unification of experienced professionals at the helm Of expert teams, empowered with cutting-edge engineering Facilities to deliver timely services of top quality.

ODCE Mission
ODCE is founded to fulfill an eventual goal of introducing unique and distinguished services to its clients.
The office is managed by a team of experienced professionals with broad-based expertise in various engineering fields and projects execution, in addition to  a reputation  in servicing  large size organizations. The management team is dedicated to provide the highest standard of engineering and technology within agreed fiscal and time schedule plans.
We access a diligent team of young qualified employees; their expertise ranges from engineering to architecture, from design to procurement and from consultancy to hand over. This empowers us to present the highest levels of commitment and services to our clients.
We are experienced in development and implementation of  programs for turn-Key projects. This by virtue of our multi-disciplinary function and flexibility to adapt to specific project requirements, compose our path to growth.

ODCE Vision
We believe that gaining credibility and recognition by Clients is the core of our success, and to keep that valuable trust in our performance is the major challenge we have to keep up with at all times. In doing that, we realize the significance of having access to competent human resources under the direction of our office  management team  for providing our clients with high caliber services in effective, efficient manner, within the approved timeframe with particular emphasis on our distinguished design and commissioning services. Dedication to this vision can be measured in terms of clients full satisfaction as reflected by delivering our projects services within the approved parameters

ODCE Objectives & Methodology
No matter the project size, value, or complexity, we treat each separate project on a "concept to completion" basis. This approach acts as the foundation for ensuring complete client satisfaction.
Our goal –oriented strategy meets projects objectives of delivering quality and performance by employing business techniques inclusive of Total Quality Management "TQM".
We target achieving economic project costs without compromising the project requirement.
ODCE is well suited to provide cost effective solutions to multifaceted projects covering a broad spectrum of industrial processes

Services Diversity

ODCE serves a wide range of variant business fields as shown.

·        Chemical Industries
·        acids and alkalines plants
·        Petrochemical Industries.
·        Oil & gas Field Projects.
·        gas production Plants and pipelines (L.P.G & Natural Gas).
·         petroleum platform for petroleum off shore works.
·        Plants and pipelines for petroleum on shore works
·        hazard area classification works
·        Pharmaceutical Industries.
·        cleaning areas (inter lock, access control … etc).
·        Power Generation.
·        electrical stations &electrical network.
·        electrical R.M.U’s & electrical transformers.
·        electrical (M.C.C) system & electrical (U.P.S) system
·        electric intelligent metering system (on electrical power copper cable) in networks.
·        Airports
·        Banks system
a)     Visa card control system
b)      Main computer control system
c)      Some PC’s and critical loads.
·        Boarding and disembarking routing system.
·        Automated boarder control system..
·        Comparison between check in and board passenger system.
·        People flow counting system.
·        Food industries.
·         Anhydrous,  glucose crystals and syrup plants
·        Citric Acid Plants
·        Residential and Tourism Projects.
·        The infrastructure of cities .
·        Water Stations.
·        Drinking water network system
·        Irrigation network system for landscape
·        Swimming pool system
·        Sewage  network system
·        Sewage system sump pit and pumps
·        Gas Station & Gas Networks.
·        Environmental Affairs.
·        Wind farms electricity.
·        Phosphoric acid plants.
·        fertilizer plants
·        phosphate concentration pilot plant.
·        fertilizer urea plants
·        industrial plants
·        production lines
·        system for cold stores
·         sugar plants