Our services

ODCE places a great emphasis on producing optimum designs for any project, as this ultimately is the key element to the performance of the project.

ODCE devotes meticulous care on the Consultant of plants and equipment which is "bench marked" against best practice to ensure that standards of operation are "World Class"

ODCE handles both local and international procurement programs within defined costs, quality and delivery parameters, together with continuous expediting and quality assurance document control. Procedures are in place to measure delivery performance. When slippage is recorded, swift action is taken to provide positive assistance to compensate delays.

-          Project managements.
-          Construction managements
-          Construction supervision  & direction.
-          Technical assistance & consultancy.
-          Planning and cost control.
-          Procurement.
-          QA documentation
-          Statement of works- procedures.
-          Claims.
-          Plant/project safety programs.
-          HAZOP study.
-          Plant maintenance programs.
-          Overhaul maintenance of equipments.
-          Solve industrial problems.

-          Detailing / shop drawing.
-          Builder work & composed drawing for all activities.
-          Coordination.
-          Structural design and analysis.
-          2D structural drafting.
-          Structural drawings.
-          Construction documents.
-          3D modeling services
            -Development and Application of Risk-Based   
              Inspection Plans/Programs
            - Evaluation of Risk-based inspection software
            - Diagnostics and Recommending Solutions for
               Static Equipment problem areas
      -Developed and implemented of inspection and
         testing programs
            -Inspection programs and Consultancy services
            - Support Qualification of Clients for ISO 17020 –
              “criteria for bodies   performing inspection” in
            collaboration with Egyptian Accreditation Council
      - Condition monitoring, Testing and Inspection
         of Cranes: SWL and Proof Load Test
            - Preparation and issue of  Integrated Inspection   
            -Preparation of Non Destructive Testing   
              procedures for use by inspection and NDT
            -Provided in fields such as Corrosion, Coatings,
              Welding, Quality Control.. etc.