Instrumentation & Control Works

·        pressure instrument
·        level controller,
·        control valve,
·        gas detector,
·        flow meter,
·         PH meter,
·         conductivity meter,
·         motorizing valve,
·        cable tray cable with junction boxes
·        RTU’s with built in Radio system (Data logger).
·        SCADA system consists of Radio system for send and receive data,  
·        software package,
·        master antenna,
·        server, CPU unit, screens, printer cabinet I/O’s.
·        control room works,
·        instrument panel,
·        monitoring panel, flow meter, level transmitter,
·        controller indicator,
·         rectifier units,
·        anodes connections
·         Level instrument
·        Temperature instrument
·        Flow instrument
·        relays limit switches sensors ….etc
·        sand level instrument,
·         belt instrument 
·        cam switch,
·        vibration switch,
·        torque limit switch
·        axial removed switch,
·        heater switch, torque
·        power panel,
·        motor control circuit,
·        PLC’s, full automatic control system,
·         heater unit control for handling,

·        air supply Pneumatic signal tubing.
·        Electrical hookup.
·        Installation and wiring of instrument junction boxes.
·        Installation and wiring of instrument panels and console.
·        Interconnection of instrument equipments.
·        Loop testing (consulting test and operational test).
·        Pre-commissioning assistance. This is applicable to electronic and pneumatic instruments.
·        Pressure and leak test of impulse lines,
·        instrument air tubing and pneumatic signal tubing.
·        Instrumentation and control system for pneumatic and hydraulic tubing signal
·        Preparation of as built drawings related to the instrumentation.
·        Cable laying, testing and termination.
·        analysis instrument
·         gear switch, transformers,
·         temperature control unit.
·        Coordination with other contractors and other disciplines in the site.
·        Supervision of working teams with close observation and control of time schedule and materials.
·        measuring skids and flow meters skids
·         RTU’s radio system
·        control for elevators and escalators