Distributed Control System (DCS)

·        computer system network. LAN & WAN and communication system (copper and fiber).
·        I/O’s cabinet with analogue inputs analogue outputs, digital inputs and digital outputs
·         operator stations
·        printers and continuous control
·        control systems & SCADA system
·        Study Process
·        Study P&ID’s Drawings
·        ( FAT ) factory acceptance test Procedure
·        ( FAT ) factory acceptance test check list
·        ( FAT ) factory acceptance test report
·        ( FAT ) factory acceptance test example
·        ( SAT ) Site acceptance test
·        Submit Daily & Weekly report effectively to Secretary timely.
·        Ensure no Interlocks and by pass and weekly surveys done
·        Review all Passwords for all the Control systems in plants and ensure it is secure and controlled in save manner.
·        Review phase wise Control Systems Back-ups documentations and ensure reviewed documentation updated & well controlled.
·        Ensure functional check list prepared for Plants and documents stamped as controlled copies.
·        Support to complete the plants functional checks
·        (B.M.S.) building management system.
·        Identify and report alarm condition.
·        Execute all application programs indicated on the I/O’ssummary table.
·        Execute DDC algorithms.
·        Trend and store data.
·        Software work.
·         Hardware work.