Repair and Maintenance

·         Managing, Monitoring and Developing Maintenance  Activities
·         Evaluating the work performance of the Maintenance Teams (Mechanical ,Instrumentation and Electrical)
·         Reporting all Activities ,giving the Technical support for the shift teams
·         Communicating with site Manager at any  Emergency plan
·         Carrying out site Manager Responsibilities during his absence out of the Project site
·          Electronic maintenance for electronic cards.
·          Laboratory for test and calibration for instrumentation.
·         maintenance for instrument.
·         maintenance for instrumentation loops.
·         maintenance for instrumentation interlocks.
·         Solution any problems in site by high experience engineers (Mechanical ,Instrumentation Electrical, process and safety )
·         Interconnection of instrument equipments.
·         Loop testing (consulting test and operational test).
·         Pre-commissioning assistance.
·         This is applicable to electronic and pneumatic instruments.
·         Pressure and leak test of impulse lines, instrument air tubing and pneumatic signal tubing.
·         Preparation of as built drawings related to the instrumentation.
·         Cable laying, testing and termination.
·         Installation activities point.
·         Installation of material take off (MTO).
·         Visual checking of instruments when received at site.
·         Instrument setting and calibration.
·         Instrument installation including impulse lines air supply.
·         Pneumatic signal tubing.
·         Electrical hookup.
·         Installation and wiring of instrument junction boxes.
·         Installation and wiring of instrument panels and console.
·         Coordination with other contractors and other disciplines in the site.
·         Supervision of working teams with close observation and control of time schedule and materials
·         Maintenance, permanent maintenance, preventive maintenance and program maintenance for platforms .
·         Platforms consists of platform, sub marine pipelines, oil plant, gas plant and sweetening plant, cathodic protection system.
·         Instrumentation and control systems consists of pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, temperature transmitter, temperature gauge, temperature switch, level controller, control valve, gas detector, control room, instrument panel, monitoring panel, flow meter, level transmitter, controller indicator, rectifier units, anodes connections .