ODCE recognizes the vital role of training for enhancing capability of those receiving
training through dissemination of knowledge to them by experts in related fields. Our philosophy extends for all parties within the business society since we believe that upgrading human resources competitiveness of regular clients or even new comers adds to the business development and promotion on Totality basis.
to make training a successful mission, We pay attention for providing trainees with comfortable environment to enable them gain maximum advantage of training process. Our training sessions, therefore, are being held in well suited Hotels or dedicated conference centers, fully equipped with all facilities for running effective training. Following training programs elaborate the wide area of our coverage in fields related to the Customer interest.    
Risk based inspection (RBI)
In-line Inspection System Intelligent Pigging
Welding Technology
HVAC  System
Hazard Area Classification
 Drafting Engineering Service
Instrumentation Control System
Electrical  Systems